BRHLD League Overview

2021 Seasons To Kick Off

Full Rules -
Draft Sheet -

Draft Begins - July 6
Order Set - As soon as all teams full and paid for
Cost - $10 per season. $30 for all 3 seasons in a year.
Send Paypal to -

Teams available still - Edmonton, Florida, Minnesota, New Jersey, NY Islanders, San Jose


The highlights
1. Draft your team from scratch, real NHL cap hits (or estimates for those still FA). Fit under the NHL cap. Draft will take 2 weeks.
2. Run your team through an expedited season. (roughly 3 months).
3. Rinse, lather repeat. After 3 seasons, the 3 champions and the franchise with the most aggregiate points form a 4 team Champions League.
4. Start the next season with new BRHL ratings and updated NHL salaries in July/August
5. Trading is on, but there's no entry draft, no keepers, no free agency. It's simply testing your drafting accumen
6. Entry fee is $10 per SEASON. 3 seasons per year. Cash goes to various accomplishments each year and for Champions League
7. League uses the BRHL Slack channels, activity is a MUST, contributing on slack is a MUST, or you will not be asked back.
8. The most realistic league in the sense there's no incentive to look to the future, it's win now baby!
9. Sims run at 7am, 1pm, 9pm EST every day.
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